A Miracle of the Human World

With gratitude, I would like to dedicate this post to my dear Yoga teacher, Vishwaguruji Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda. I thank him for revealing to me how to find the key to children’s hearts.

On Thursday, as always, I walk to the “National” elementary school and as always I look forward to having a Yoga class with children.

Today, I am going to practise some difficult Yoga postures, which the children like to practise, and as an ending to the program, I am going to read a relaxation fairy tale taken from my newly-planned CD.

During the third lesson, I am bringing first-graders into the practice room, Anička and Natálka are nudging each other again and I wonder why. It is like this every week. I try that the girls come close as little as possible during practising, so that some sort of quarrel does not interrupt the class. Today, though, there appears to be a problem, as the mat right beside me is free and both of the girls want to sit on it. It ends up with a nip and a few tears. I calm down the girls, Anička stays on the mat beside me, and Natálka, due to my request, moves to sit on a mat in the second row.

Practising goes fine, the children can remember the set of postures from the previous week, and they want to prove it to me by practising with closed eyes. It is a beautiful sight, how gentle and concentrated they all are.

During the fairy tale, each child chooses either a relaxation posture from Yoga in Daily Life, or a comfortable upright sitting position. All the children close their eyes, so that they can better imagine, what experiences the boy from the fairy tale comes through.

While dreaming, the boy enters a garden full of splendid flowers. The flowers posses magical qualities, so if somebody picks a flower, a completely identical flower grows on its place. What’s more, each flower when picked always opens its blossom and conjures up a message for that particular person, to which the boy intends to give that particular flower. The fairy-tale boy gives the very first flower to his mother, then to his best friend, his favourite pet. “Suddenly, there comes a person, to whom the boy does not want to say anything nice at all. Recently, the’ve had a very bad fight. The boy searches for a flowers that would be grey and without any scent. But there is no such flowers in the garden. And it seems that the frowny person wouldn’t just go without getting a flower from the boy. All of a sudden, the boy glimpses one flower which somehow attracts him by its peculiar smell. He picks it up and reads the word ‘SORRY’. For a moment, he ponders about it, as he is not particularly willing to do it. But finally, he hands over the flower to the person, whom he can see in front of him. The person reads the message and smiles a little” (end of the excerpt from the fairy tale). At the end of the story, the boy meets a Master who is the owner of the magic garden, and the boy gets rewarded.

Once the fairy tale is finished, all the children slowly start to move their bodies. Suddenly, Natálka (btw dressed up all in white and looking like an angel today) gets up from her mat and sits in front of Anička. I can hear her saying: “Aničko, I imagined you during the fairy tale and I would like to say ‘sorry’ to you.” Immediately, Anička gives Natálka a hug and holds her firmly. Both girls keep the close hug for a few minutes, while tears of happiness are flowing from their eyes. I cannot stay unemotional in such a situation either. My eyes are also filling up with tears, as all the other children from the group are starting to hug around the sitting girls. At the end, a huge “bundle” of love is formed. Quickly, I manage to get a picture of it on my phone.


On the way back from the practice room to their classroom, the girls are firmly holding hands together and from time to time, they look at each other, their teary faces glittering with happy smiles. At this moment, one is for the other a precious treasure, which they would not exchange for anything else in the world. All of us can feel it in the same way while we (also weeping) watch them go. Back in their classroom, everybody tries at once to tell the whole story to their teacher and the girls hug there again.

I have no idea about how the relationship between Anička and Natálka will continue to develop. Wholeheartedly, I would like to wish them that their friendship holds. In any case, I thank my destiny that together with the children I could experience one of the greatest miracles of the human world, the miracle of love.